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A new old Paintbrush

August 27, 2007 Leave a comment

Photoshop?  GIMP?  Who needs ’em?  Not when I’ve got Paintbrush 1.0!  The “About Paintbrush” from the site itself tells us the following:

“Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based paint program for Mac OS X, similar to Microsoft Paint and the now-defunct MacPaint. The project’s ultimate goal is to recreate the basic functionality of Microsoft Paint, which has been noticeably absent from Mac OS X for years. Paintbrush can open and save to most major image formats, including BMP, PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

“Paintbrush is not intended to replace Photoshop or other high-end image editors. Instead, it aims to fill the need for a basic, streamlined editor for those times when you just feel the need to doodle.

Oh, wait… Not intended to replace… high-end image editors.  Hmmm…  Guess I can’t send GIMP to the trash just yet, eh?  But it is fun (and simple!) to doodle with. 🙂

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Chipmunk Basic

August 27, 2007 Leave a comment

I’m a programmer at heart.  And being an old programmer at heart, I still have fond memories of coding in BASIC on time-sharing systems.  Okay, enough of the reminiscing. 🙂

If you’re fond of BASIC as well, you can’t go wrong with Chipmunk Basic.  It’s been around for quite awhile. (The copyright notice at the bottom of the webpage says from 1996, but it may be even longer than that.)  I even remember it from a number of years ago when someone gave me an old Mac SE/30 to play with.

Anyway, check it out.  Even if you’re not interested specifically in Chipmunk Basic, the web page has plenty of references for other Basic interpreters and compilers, source code, and more!

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MS Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.7 update

August 22, 2007 Leave a comment

First up in my renewed newsiness is Microsoft’s latest update for Office 2004.  According to Microsoft, “This update fixes a vulnerability that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer’s memory with malicious code.”

I downloaded and installed it.  So far, so good.  I don’t notice a thing different, which is as it should be, right? 😉

You can download it here.

Been awhile!

August 21, 2007 Leave a comment

Wow, I just noticed that I haven’t updated the content in over a week!  Most of the time has been spent traveling for work, but still!  I know Mac news happens a lot faster than weekly, so I have some catching up to do.  My inbox overfloweth. 🙂

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Adium update

August 13, 2007 Leave a comment

For those of you that use it, you might be interested in the new Adium 1.1.  Note that Adium 1.1 now works only on Mac OS X 10.4 and above.  For earlier versions, see the website.

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Fast and Furious: The Updates

August 10, 2007 Leave a comment

I don’t know what it is about Apple this week, but they are just going crazy with updates. First there’s the hardware, and then there’s updated software (like iWork ’08 and iLife ’08), but there are also plenty of software updates! (Is there a difference? There is to me. 🙂 )  Anyway, too many to mention, so here’s a screenshot of what became available just this week!


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Ahhh, I love the classics

August 8, 2007 Leave a comment

One of my weaknesses is a fondness of classic games.  I was just starting college when I saw my first Pong game system.  I spent many an hour playing that (don’t ask about my grades…).  Then came the rise of the video arcades (don’t ask me how many quarters I put in PacMan…).

Anyway, I am just a sucker for a good classic game.  One of my favorites is Tetris.  Just cruising around the web, I came across a pretty good clone for the Mac called Quinn.  Give it a shot.  You won’t be sorry.   And best of all?  It’s free!