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Security Update 2008-003 (Intel)

May 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Apple posted this update today which I installed using Software Updates.  So far, so good on my Tiger system.

Here are the details on this update.  Thanks to TUAW for the link to the description.

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Reason #857 why I like my Mac better than Windows

May 26, 2008 Leave a comment

This is going to sound a little strange, but I like my Mac better than Windows because there’s less software for the Mac.

Why is that better? Glad you asked. It’s better because I don’t have to remember hundreds of different user interfaces, prompts, options, menus, and on, and on. Wait a minute, you say. It’s the vast number of choices available on Windows that makes it so good. You pick the software that’s right for you. And based on the Windows business model, you get to pick the hardware you want. But is it really better as far as user experience goes? Especially if you’re not a technical person?

On one hand, the Mac has you as far as hardware goes. It’s the Apple way or the highway. Also, there isn’t as much choice for application software in the Mac world as there is in the Windows world. So why is this bad? I think it’s a good thing. The software is pretty uniform as far as key commands go. When you actually do have several applications to choose from, you’ll know pretty much where to find various options in the menus. By and large, Mac application developers seem to spend more time thinking about how their software is going to work and how it fits into Apple’s software design philosophy. You know that if you want to find something, it’s going to be Command-F. Depending on the Windows application, the find command is probably Control-F, but it could also be F4, or even Control-H. How is that supposed to be easier?

I thought about it this weekend when my wife called from her sister’s house saying she couldn’t get on her sister’s wireless network. My wife’s laptop was using Dell’s Wireless Utility to manage the wireless connections. My own Dell laptop at work wasn’t of any use because it uses Intel’s ProSet utility to manage wireless. I had no idea how to help. I thought there was a way to say “allow Windows to manage wireless”, then at least I could be using the same utility, but they don’t make it easy. Turns out that the software actually says “Let this tool manage your wireless settings”, which is the exact opposite command of the Intel ProSet option. Yeesh!

Okay, so now on the other hand, the Mac has you as far as hardware goes. There’s AirPort and that’s pretty much it. If my wife had a MacBook or MBP, I could have helped, and I probably could have done it without even being at my laptop since I don’t have to remember as many different possible commands and options and whatnot that you have in the Windows world.

Fewer applications a disadvantage? Not in my mind — but i will caveat it with this — at least in this case. 🙂