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Looking back: The best thing I did for my iPhone

December 26, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m assuming that everyone who updated their iPhone to 2.0 (or bought the new iPhone 3G) has updated to 2.1, or better yet, 2.2.

One of the best things about the 2.1 update from way back in September of this past year has been what I haven’t had to do very much at all… And that is, drumroll please, reset the darn thing!  I mean, it used to be a weekly, if not almost daily, occurrence.  Since I updated to 2.1, I noticed I haven’t had to do it much at all.  Not only that, but now that it’s cold, I don’t have my hand warmer anymore either!  I don’t know about yours, but mine used to get pretty dang hot sometimes.  In addition, the phone part of the iPhone has been working better as well.  Guess it’s the firmware Apple should have released it with, but hey, all’s well — or at least a whole lot better — now.

Anyway, the iPhone’s really been a pleasure to use these past three months or so.  Hope yours has been as well!  Here’s looking forward to an even better year!  (Just have to stay away from that dang app store! 😛 )

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While you’re at the computer, pick up your mouse,…

December 9, 2008 Leave a comment

…look it in the eye (optical) or ball (mechanical) and tell it “Happy Birthday!”

Yes, your mouse turned 40 today. 🙂

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