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Hellfire on sale!

February 7, 2009 Leave a comment

One of the more talked about games for the iPhone these days is Hellfire by Handmark.  Well right now, you can get it on sale for $2.99 (regularly $4.99).  Head on over to the iTunes AppStore and pick yourself up a copy if you haven’t yet.  You’ll be glad you did (if you’re into those kind of games — you know, flying a combat helicopter, blasting bad guys — that kind of stuff…). I would provide a direct link, but I’m not sure how to do that.  I’ll figure that out as soon as I post this and maybe update the post in a little while.

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QuickTime 7.5 now available

June 11, 2008 Leave a comment

In case you haven’t heard about it, a new version of QuickTime is available.

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Update to QuickTime as well…

December 29, 2007 Leave a comment

Also available is the latest update for QuickTime, 7.3.1.  You can download it here.

QuickTime update

December 16, 2007 Leave a comment

According to a post on TUAW, this is a QuickTime update you don’t want to skip.  Either use Software Update, or go here for the Tiger update.  Go to this page to find your version.

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DivX Pro for Mac

December 16, 2007 Leave a comment

Hey, if you’ve ever wanted to encode videos in DivX, but didn’t want to shell out the $10 for DivX Pro?  For a limited time (they don’t say how long), you can get DivX Pro for free!  Go here to download and install.  You’ll need to give them an email address so they can send you your serial number.

A Whole lotta fun…

September 7, 2007 Leave a comment

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile, but I have a good excuse! Really!

Remember that update to Google Earth posted about previously? Well guess what? It has an Easter Egg! Its very own flight simulator! As the GOS blog states, it’s not quite Microsoft Flight Simulator, but it is pretty good. And just a whole lotta fun!

I started out by flying around in the prop plane. It made it a lot easier to learn to fly and I buzzed my house and all that fun stuff, but the real challenge, at least for me, is learning to fly that F-16! Now that is cool! I still don’t quite have turns down yet, so I practice at 25,000 feet so I have a little wiggle room. Anyway, if you want to waste some time, download the latest Google Earth!

By the way, the instructions to activate it are somewhat, ahem, Windows-centric. To activate it for the Mac, use the Command-Alt-A combo. 😉

Google Earth flight sim dialog

Ahhh, I love the classics

August 8, 2007 Leave a comment

One of my weaknesses is a fondness of classic games.  I was just starting college when I saw my first Pong game system.  I spent many an hour playing that (don’t ask about my grades…).  Then came the rise of the video arcades (don’t ask me how many quarters I put in PacMan…).

Anyway, I am just a sucker for a good classic game.  One of my favorites is Tetris.  Just cruising around the web, I came across a pretty good clone for the Mac called Quinn.  Give it a shot.  You won’t be sorry.   And best of all?  It’s free!