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Where will you be on December 17, 2010?

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Me?  I’ll be at the sequel of one of my all-time favorite movies: Tron.

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Today’s the day!

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Today’s the much anticipated Apple media event titled “Come see our latest creation.”  What do you think it could be?

A few places you can check out live coverage follows…

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Update for Safari for Windows 3.1.2

June 21, 2008 Leave a comment
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Stevenote today!

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Woo-hoo!  Are you excited for the MacWorld keynote today?  I am.  I even cleared my calendar so I can keep track of it online.  Hope they don’t miss me at those meetings I declined… 🙂

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Security Update 2007-009 1.1

December 29, 2007 Leave a comment

Didja notice that “1.1” at the end?  I guess I’m glad I procrastinated on this one.  There appears to have been some problems with update 1.0, so 1.1 it is!

You can find it here for Tiger.

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Virus = Windows :)

October 21, 2007 Leave a comment

Okay, you’ve probably all seen this one by now, but if you haven’t, head over to and type the word “virus” into the search box.  What comes up?  What else?  Windows! 😀

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Been awhile!

August 21, 2007 Leave a comment

Wow, I just noticed that I haven’t updated the content in over a week!  Most of the time has been spent traveling for work, but still!  I know Mac news happens a lot faster than weekly, so I have some catching up to do.  My inbox overfloweth. 🙂

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